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Lokalizacja: 5,0
Pokój: 3,7
Posiłki: 3,7
Basen: 4,3
Czystość: 4,0
Obsługa: 4,0
Średnia ocena 4.1

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Opinie Klientów (3)

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  • 5.0
    styczeń 2019

    Wspaniały pobyt

    Bardzo dobra lokalizacja, cudowne widoki, bardzo miła obsługa i przepyszne posiłki. Świetne bezpłatne centrum spa.
  • 2.5
    lipiec 2017

    Never again

    We will sum it up in +/- points:
    + external look
    + nice reception
    + bed and bathroom
    - old furtinure in the rooms that is falling apart
    - old dirty carpets, which didn't see any cleaning in years
    - quite big spider in the bathroom (unpleasant for my girlfriend)
    - soaps/washing
    gels in bathroom had barely any load left (even after they cleaned the room)
    - wallpapers where ripped and falling apart
    - old bathrobes that were from rough material and there were stiches all over them from past tears
    - dirty windows
    - unholy prices for minibar (we paid lot of money for room, they could at least put normal prices for this)
    - broken security safe (stopped working and later showed error. It started to work afterwards)
    - TV angled to hallway (was hard to angle it towards bed or sofa)
    - squeezing bed

    Dinner (half pension):
    - no choice of food whatsoever (one kind of soup, three main courses, one kind of dessert). For such hotel and such expensive pension we definitely expected bigger menu to choose from
    - small portions (unbelievably small dessert)
    - terrible quality. It was something that I would expect on cottage somewhere in mountains, not in 4-star hotel. As an example, the main course were two small pieces of potato pancakes with about 7 small pieces of pork meat, quarter of one small mushroom, covered in some tomato sauce and topped with cheese which was written to be parmesan, but it was definitely not (just some cheap normal cheese)

    +- several kinds of foods on tables for your choosing. Nothing special (we had same quality breakfast in 2-star hotel)

    the Staff:
    + they were wearing nice uniforms
    - although speaking nicely their looks and tone were unpleasant (they probably don't like working there )
    - they tried to be polite but not willing

    + fairly nice (the best part of this hotel) with several different types of sauna
    - small changing rooms/showers like from old school gyms and zero privacy
    - again ugly and dirty windows everywhere
    - the floor and tile saunas where damaged and some tiles where missing
    - again barely any load left in soaps/washing gels in showers
    - when entering the wellness the staff gave us towels but forgot the keys to lockers. When we came back for them she gave them to us without word (a little "I'm sorry" would be nice and welcome)

    All in all:
    -big hotel, which was certainly great and beautiful in it's era but nowadays it's just old relic without any effort to do some reconstruction
    - for the quality/kind of service, they ask unholy amount of money
    - compared to 3-star hotel in Zakopane where we were before, for that one we paid half the price for the same type of accomodation and the quality was much much better (when it comes to room, food, staff)
  • 4.8
    styczeń 2017

    Świetny. Na pewno tu wrócimy.

    Pięknie położony hotel, cudowne widoki, przemiły personel, pyszne śniadanie, znakomite spa. Polecam o każdej porze roku.